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About us

Hello and welcome to our Broad Norfolk online store. We are a brother and sister team with who have worked closely together for many years running a business in the steel fabrication sector. Having inherited a passion for arts and crafts from our parents, we have both pursued this passion in different ways down the years. Also instilled into us was a deep love and respect for the natural world. We are fortunate enough to live in a part of England that lends itself very easily to fulfilling a deeply felt creative urge. East Anglia, with it's wide open vaulted skies, lazy rivers and often angry, eroding seas, has inspired our art. We have now come to a time in our lives where we need to kick back a little and focus more on our passions, this store is fulfilling part of that need.

Over the years we have also become increasingly 'tuned in' to land in which we live. Reflection on our heritage and ancestry has deepened and become more meaningful with age and with this understanding has come the realisation that this is being quickly lost to the homogenizing influence of a shrinking world as globalisation increasingly encroaches. With global media and the entertainment industry assailing us from a very early age it is inevitable that this will happen but at the same time we feel deeply that the world would be a much less colourful place if it's peoples lost the unique character and culture that defines them.

We are natives of the glorious county of Norfolk. The people and the land  have always retained a kind of symbiotic relationship here. It is a land that is abundant. It retains the raw power of nature. Tranquil now,  the land has been hard won. Full and fruitful it has allowed man to tame it and in doing so it has forged their character.

'Broad Norfolk' is a term often used to describe the native dialect. It is as hard to define the subtleties and tempo of the vernacular as it is to define the peoples who talk it !  what we have tried to do here is capture the essence of the place and its people. One quality that the people have is to not take themselves too seriously, they can find humour in the most adverse circumstance yet have the ability to conjure a deep earthy philosophy from the commonplace.

 We hope to reflect in our designs the timeless quality of the county along side the humour and quirkiness of its residents.

We feel that there should be something here for both native and 'furriner' alike.

Thank you for visiting.

Keep yew on a Troshin !