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Hello and welcome to our Store.

We at Broad Norfolk are passionate and creative people and there are many things that inspire us and get our creative juices flowing. We are natives of the, still largely, rural county of Norfolk in the UK. It is a County  of abundant  wildlife, lighted by vast open skies, bounded by an often wild and unforgiving North Sea on one side that accepts the constant flow from sleepy rivers, marshland, dyke and 'broad' that feed and nurture its soil. Here we see, reflected in the expansive land, elements combining in a kind of natural alchemy which give the place an almost magical and timeless quality. Well at least we think so!

With the modern world ever encroaching on local customs, heritage and tradition we felt the need, albeit in a very small way, to turn our creative flow towards helping to preserve the rich heritage and culture of this wonderful County. Here you will find hand crafted designs that try to capture the beauty, culture and often quirky nature of Norfolk and its people.

'Broad Norfolk' is a term often used to define the dialect spoken in the area and many of our designs endeavour to represent the vernacular as closely as possible, not an easy task, but I think we get close !

I hope you enjoy what you find here. Whether local or from further afield, or if you feel connected through distant heritage and can trace your roots to Norfolk, what ever reason ALL are welcome to share in the rich culture of Norfolk.

One thing we feel that we must point out, We are not perfect, and we have no intention or aspiration in being so. Now I can here many marketing gurus choking on a very sharp intake of breath and shaking heads in dispair at this, over honest, statement but allow us to explain.

Initially when we reviewed our designs we tried to ensure uniformity in both colour and line but quickly found that taking out the flaws put there by an imprecise and imperfect human detracted from the "feel" we were trying to convey. Namely, that of being hand drawn and hand crafted. We believe that by intentionally retaining these modest flaws it helps to hold back the steady creep of uniformity, conformity and its consequent blandness. Anyway less of the preaching and social comment, just enjoy your visit !  

We are planning to offer many more designs and products very soon and  more will be added as the inspiration takes us. Till then,

Moind how yew go tergether

Broad Norfolk